The Best Airlines to Fly: Which Carrier Tops the Ranking?

Many of the world's top airlinesВ have sacrificed past luxuries in what has become an all-out war for customers. And with discount airlines making seats available for a fraction of what they used to cost, pressure has grown among more prominent airlines to lower their prices as well. As a result, things like legroom, free food, and customer service have suffered. But just because many frequent fliers are feeling the effects of a new air travel landscape doesn't mean that there's no room for high-end service and amenities on an airplane. Various luxury and boutique airlines have embraced the notion that air travel is a singular experience, one that deserves to be treated with the same respect and dignity that we saw in the golden age of air travel. That said, below are five of the best airlines to fly right now.

Brooke Testoni

Porter Based in Toronto, this boutique airline has used sleek design, free lounges for its customers, and nonstop service to North America's biggest cities to become one of the darlings of the air travel industry. Added bonus: Billy Bishop, its home airport, is located on an island in the heart of downtown Toronto, which means no expensive cab ride to your hotel.

Emirates Year after year, this Dubai-based airline consistently tops "the world's best airline" lists,В so how could we not include it? From its cabin cleanliness to its attentive staff and its upscale economy offerings, there's no question that Emirates is one of the top airlines in the world.
Virgin As far as domestic airlines go, it's hard to do better than Virgin, Richard Branson's mega-stylish ode to luxury travel. In fact, Virgin is so beloved by its diehard loyalists that it's been named Travel + Leisure's best domestic airlineВ for nine consecutive years. By providing innovative entertainment systems, fleetwide WiFi, and power outlets, Virgin is definitely built for the modern traveler, and one of the best airlines to fly right now.

Singapore Airlines If totally tricked out luxury cabins are your thing, look no further than Singapore Airlines. These private suites have their own beds, five-star meals, and full bathrooms. If you can afford it, this is definitely the way to go.